Aditnalta 2016






The internet is a place with unique vernaculars, cultures and locations; it is a place for one to explore, discover and design domains. Aditn√°lta is an island manifested on the internet; a cloud of immaterial dreams that continues to weave and stitch its way on the World Wide Web. Within the context of the pinged online network, we will question the idea of paradise. From whimsical addresses with mystifying geographies, we will explore the pixelated establishments of Minecraft, the doors of Janus.vr, propagate Google and teleport into the bits and bytes of the modern social gathering.

From this psychedelic experience we will tell tales of the environments, draft new experiences, design new interventions and virtually spatialise the complex conditions of the promised worlds.

Mond Qu
Sergej Maier
Denis Vlieghe

Michael Mack
Michael Thorpe
Tomas Cheek
Frank Quek
Jordan Head
Carey Landwehr
Maya Christodoulaki
Sizhen Wong
Adrian Beltran Montalvo