Public piracy – DIP1

Set within the context of Dip 1’s unit agenda – developing prototypes for the information revolution – this two-week exhibition offers a first glimpse into the operations of the unit and its explorations into the lost public space of the City of London, an area that epitomises the tension between the scarcity of the real and the abundance of the virtual.

The exhibition showcases a series of treacherous, surprising, critical and transformative devices all prompted by our technologically augmented perception of today’s reality. Among these, the show articulates positions towards our post 2.0 web culture, and proposes tactics and strategies for reclaiming civic space through the amalgamation and augmentation of mere physicality via our digital avatars. As a consequence, a kind of architecture is introduced in the in-between of data highways, sensorial accumulations, social web applications, CCTV, data archives, Skype and web platforms on the one hand, and within the actuality of public spaces, cultural institutions, ecclesiastical spaces, banks and civic structures on the other.


AA DIP 1 Tutor:
Tobias Klein

Students 2011 – 2012:
Wesley Perrot
Kevin Primat
Yoojin Kim
Kin Ho
James Chung
Kitty O’Grady
Hyeju Park
Soyeon Jang
Jihyun Lee
Harijs Alsins

Students 2012 – 2013:
Brian Lap Heng Fung
Kin Pong Ho
Gloria Pou Wai Lei
Yuwon Kang
Golshid Varasteh Kia
Soonil Kim
Sergej Maier
Ryan Ranet Phanphensophon
Kevin Primat
Kjetil Riegel
Liza Rudyk
Luke Shixin Tan


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